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20 May 2020












Foreign carriers do not plan to fly to Russia in June

Several European carriers, such as Lufthansa, Swiss and Eurowings, have already published the schedule for international flights; however, they are not planning to fly to Russia at least for the next 1.5 months. Monitoring of airline websites showed that, for example, Emirates is ready to resume flights to Moscow on July 1. Starting June 26, flights from Moscow to Dubai on Fly Dubai are available. Singapore Airlines resume flights to Moscow from July 1. As for Turkish Airlines, they are also not planning to fly to Russia in June, as announced earlier.

According to travel experts, international air traveling will be available to Russians not earlier than in August. Tickets to Antalya or Larnaca from Moscow on Pobeda airlines are available on June 1. However, experts are sure that in the next two to three months it is not worth talking about the restoration of international air service in Russia. “In the best-case scenario, the resumption of international air traffic in Russia is possible not earlier than August. This aligns with Aeroflot’s decision to stop ticket sales for international flights until August 1. Vice President of ATOR (Association of Tour Operators of Russia), is also not inclined to give accurate forecasts regarding the opening of international air traffic. “It is not easy to predict, when international air travel resumes in Russia: now we cannot even speak with accuracy about the timing of the opening of Russia's borders,” the expert said.

Tour operators cancel tours for June and open sales for the summer season 2021

Considering complete uncertainty regarding the dates of lifting restrictions both in Russia and in foreign countries, tour operators decide to cancel tours to all foreign destinations with departure dates in June. Such a decision has been already announced by ANEX Tour, Coral Travel, PEGAS Touristik. TEZ Tour announced the cancellation of bookings with departure dates until mid-June and announced the start of sales to Turkey, Greece, Spain, Cyprus for the summer season 2021. It is also planned to open sales of tours to Bulgaria and Italy soon. Tez Tour applies flexible payment teams. 25% of the payment must be made within 3 days from the booking date, the remaining 75% must be paid no later than 10 days before the departure date.

Pac Group announced the sale of winter tours

Pac Group hope that the situation will stabilise by the beginning of winter season and they have already calculated and announced ski packages on their website. The contracting with foreign partners has been done on the previous conditions. The tourists can benefit with only 5% prepayment and final payment just 3 weeks before the departure. They expect the quarantine to be over by June and plan to return to office work on June 1.

Mouzenidis Travel opened the sale of domestic tours

The tour operator will offer domestic tours in Russia with a departure from 40 Russian regions, including package offers to the resorts of the Krasnodar Krai, Baikal, Altay, Kamchatka. According to General Director of Mouzenidis Intour (Mouzenidis incoming company in Russia), “There is no clear understanding when the borders will be opened, when and to what extent the international flow will be restored. Like most companies, we turned towards domestic tourism. Fortunately, the accumulated experience in receiving foreign tourists in Russia and an excellent understanding of the product help us quickly develop tours in Russia for domestic market”.

Tours to the Czech Republic for autumn and winter are already on sale

According to the Russian tour operators which positively reacted to the news on the lift of quarantine measure in the Czech Republic, the demand for the destination from the moment of opening borders and the resumption of air service will recover over the period from 2 to 6 months. Intourist believe that the Czech Republic might become a solution for “those thousands of Russian tourists whose tours were cancelled this spring”. Pac Group consider that one of the main factors in the restoration of demand will be the solution of the visa question as visa centers are closed, there is no information on their opening yet. Anex Tour said that its flight programme to the Czech Republic was carried out on the basis of GDS tours, and to start the destination they only need to open interstate borders, as well as to restore flight programme to the country. ICS Travel Group is working on the extended product in the Czech Republic: these are excursion and city tours, which are based on the flight programme of Ural Airlines.

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