Russia has come out of the official national lockdown, although the restrictions are still in place and now each regional authority is responsible for the coordination of  the local restriction measures, e.g. the lockdown has been extended until the end of May in a few cities like Moscow and St Petersburg. There is no concrete information about when the borders will open, but most tour operators are planning flight connection from July onwards. The main countries where Russians plan to travel to are the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey as well as Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan assuming these countries open their borders to Russia. Italy is expected to open by August and several major operators are planning flights around Italy. Most large tour operators are also offering domestic packages within Russia. Most tour operators have also started to open winter packages for the end of the year and early 2021.

We know that the premium segment will be the first one to start travelling, as they have less financial issues than the other segments and are more willing to travel, to lesser known destinations, although the majority have indicated their interest to go to France and Italy during the summer, but there is some degree of worry about flying and having to be with a large volume of people.

If you have any questions or require a more tailor-made research, specific to your destination, please get in touch and stay safe!

Helene Lloyd

20 May 2020, Moscow

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