Dear Partners,

With the heart-breaking scenes being observed on the news all around us, our sympathies and support go out to all our friends and colleague in Ukraine and the tragedy that is unfolding there. Our Market up-date will continue to stay away from any political analysis and bring you back to the practicalities of the potential for international travel opportunities in the CIS region. TMI is a British company. We are planning to open a representative in Kazakhstan, to increase our presence in Central Asia, as well as have a member of staff based in Baku to cover Azerbaijan and Georgian more professionally. If you are interested in exploring any of those markets, please be in touch for a quotation.

We can also organise tailor-made online workshops and webinars for destinations and the hospitality sector. We also provide on-going representation services for hotels, resorts, cruises and destinations in the CIS region.


Helene Lloyd

22 March 2022, Moscow

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