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Russia has been reaching a dynamic situation with many countries, mainly those outside of the Schengen area, opening up for tourism, except for Greece and Cyprus which are already open for Russian tourists. However, traffic from Russia has been disappointing due to the very limited flight capacity. This situation has now changed, with the Russian government allowing more international flights and increasing the frequency to many SE European destinations. This includes Turkey, the leading summer travel destination for Russians opening up from June 22rd, which is likely to have a large impact on Russia’s outbound travel numbers, especially as most Russian resorts are already full.

At the same time, Russia is going into the 3rd wave of covid, with Moscow experiencing the highest rate of infections on June 19th. The Mayor of Moscow has already started to implement various work restrictions and the government is trying to rethink its strategy toward vaccination, which has only managed to reach between 11-15% of the population, without making vaccinations obligatory. This has not to date seemed to impact the opening up of international travel yet.

Helene Lloyd

23 June 2021, Moscow

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