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 17 June 2020












Amadeus reported the changing needs of tourists due to the covid-19 impact

Amadeus Russia noted an increase in search traffic for some regions which were not previously included in the list of the most popular destinations. There is an increased interest in island holidays and holidays in Africa. In addition, there is a change in the booking lead time, with most search and book flights having a very short lead time, this applies to both international and domestic flights. Amadeus recorded a decrease in the number of connection flights as travellers trying to limit the number of contacts during their flight.

These changes in consumer behaviour are only in the short term. If requests for 2021 are analyzed, neither the list of preferred tourist destinations, nor the travel period has changed substantially.

“So, next year people want to travel to the same places that they traditionally visited. Both the travellers and the tourism industry look at the pandemic as a temporary situation and expect that in 2021, everything will return to normal,” The Amadeus, Regional Director for Russia explained. “The competition between destinations is demonstrated by providing travellers with the maximum amount of information, thus travelers will go to those countries that will build up a trustworthy communication with them,  and who provide credible information and are perceived as safe destinations.”

Popular foreign destinations for this summer according to Tour Operators

According to the representative of Tez Tour, they are selling tours starting from July 10. Until this date, international flights there are few international flights. The company retains all plans for the summer season starting from mid-July, as well as all flight programmes. The most popular destinations are Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Spain and Bulgaria.

According to Anex Tour, Turkey, Spain, Cyprus, Greece, and Tunisia are among the most popular destinations. The majority of requests are still for the re-booking of previously booked tours which were postponed. Some people who cannot go on holiday in August resorting to domestic vacations in June and July. Apart from the Black sea area of Krasnodar, the Khakassia region of Russia is also gaining popularity, so Anex Tour has launched a charter programme there.

Coral Travel, ANEX Tour, TUI and TEZ TOUR to fly to Turkey from Belarus in July

The consolidator of charter flights in Belarus, AeroBelService, announced the launch of the charter programme from Minsk to Antalya on July 1 and from Gomel to Antalya on July 10. Flights to Bodrum will start from July 2 and to Kusadasi - from July 3. The blocks on AeroBelService were bought by INTERCITY, as well as well-known Russian brands Coral Travel, ANEX Tour, and TUI. According to a Belarusian travel industry representative, the demand for Turkey is huge even though the Ministry of Health still requires a 14-day quarantine is still in place.

A flight programme from Minsk to Albania started on June 12. The Albanian government confirmed that the Russians would also be allowed to enter the country, a similar situation is expected in Turkey, but there is still no official confirmation of this yet.

However, the traffic across the border of the Russian Federation and Belarus is still officially restricted, exceptions for persons travelling for medical treatment or caring for sick relatives or work and study purposes, but it is nevertheless possible to bypass the border.. There is still no clear picture on how Russians can officially enter Belarus.

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