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Finally, the Russian economy is recovering after 3 years of recession and a general downward trend in outbound visitor numbers. 2017 is predicted to see an overall increase across the whole market, while a number of destinations like Greece, Spain and Cyprus already received positive increases in 2016, due to the temporary closure of Turkey last year.

Turkey has now reopened and looks like it will attract a good number of visitors from Russia, whilst new destinations are again interested in entering the Russian market. Tour operators are trying to avoid being too focused on one particular market and are trying to diversify their destination portfolio offer, to avoid too an over reliance on 1 or 2 destinations as holiday destinations are becoming increasingly politicized. Thailand was the main destination during the winter season, other increasingly popular destinations include: Vietnam, Dominican Republic and India.


Market News

2016 Statistics from the Russian Market      The outbound travel figures for 2016 show a positive increase for many destinations, especially Southern European destinations...

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Hotel News

The Hotel market in Russia and CIS countries promises growth in 2017. According to a recent research by JLL, 9,600 branded hotel rooms are going to appear in Russia and CIS over the year, the...

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Aviation News

UTair launches flights to Berlin, Vienna and Munich. UTair launched daily flights from Moscow's Vnukovo airport to Munich as of April, it will also open flights to Berlin and Vienna from the...

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Economy News

Withdrawal of Russia from its longest recession in 20 years Russia emerged from its longest recession in 20 years, with the recession ended slightly earlier than the Central Bank of Russia predicted....

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